2017 Editors’ Selection Awards: Cables and Interconnects beneath $1000

Transparent Audio The Link interconnect, The Wave speaker cable, PowerWave 8 AC conditioner
$ 100/1m pr., interconnect $ 220/8′ pr., speaker $ 125, Overall performance Energy Hyperlink $ 1195 PowerWave eight
The $ 100 The Link interconnect brings more than a taste of high-end interconnects to an entry-level value. Similarly, the $ 220 The Wave speaker cable is a bargain, offering superior tonality, wider dynamics, and a a lot more open soundstage. The PowerWave 8 conditioner is also an extremely price-efficient upgrade, rendering wider dynamic expression, smoother timbres, and higher musical involvement.

Wireworld Nano Eclipse
$ 175/1.5m
Nano Eclipse is about midway up Wireworld’s complete line of headphone cables, but it does not skimp in supplies or sonics. Eclipse is composed of OCC high-purity copper conductors in a DNA helix configuration surrounded by Wireworld’s Composilex 2 insulation. The result is so efficient that switching from a stock headphone cable to the Nano tends to make a distinction commensurate with significantly upgrading the headphones themselves. AT claims it’s not possible to overstate how much the Wireworld opens up, cleans up, and tightens up the sound. A no-brainer for any reasonably high-quality personal audio setup.

Audience Ohno
$ 199/1m (+$ 82/m) interconnect $ 209/1m (+$ 20/m) speaker
Audience’s new worth line of Ohno cables runs counter to the thought that fantastic wire usually demands heavy jacketing and complex conductor geometries. Sonically these featherweights were fast and extended with well-focused imaging and dimensionality. Most significantly they were not additive, nor did they crimp dynamics. They were also easy to position for desktop use, providing an unerring sense of musicality without having busting the budget.

Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 IEM Cable
$ 195/48″
The Silver Dragon V1 IEM headphone cable is a drop-in replacement for use with in-ear monitors where light weight and flexibility are critical. The Silver Dragon IEM is a coaxial design utilizing a 99.99998% UP-OCC stranded silver 26AWG center-conductor for the positive leg. The center-conductor uses the identical Kevlar reinforcing as other Dragon cables. Accessible with numerous source connection alternatives as properly as terminations to match several brands.

Wireworld Equinox 7
$ 200/1m pr. unbalanced interconnect $ 225/1m pr. balanced $ 870/3m pr. speaker
Falling correct smack in the middle of Wireworld’s extensive new Series 7 line, the Equinox seems to be great value. The interconnect presented a pleasingly rounded and warm presentation not unlike that of Cardas Clear Light, even though the Equinox 7 speaker cable was quite related to the Cardas Clear Sky in sonics. Superb hum and noise rejection.

Kimber Kable Hero
$ 219/1m pr.
Yielding only a tiny bit in sheer handle, ultimate top-finish transparency, and inner detailing to PS’ reference Kimber Select KS-1021, Hero’s bass lives up to its name, prodigious in amplitude and definition (rather much better even than its pricier brother). This interconnect is either dead neutral or tilts a notch to the yang, with dynamics at after strong yet finely resolved in an basically grain-free presentation.

Nordost Purple Flare
$ 259/1m pr. interconnect ($ 26 per addl. half-meter pr.) $ 439/1m pr. speaker ($ 52 per addl. half-meter pr.)
Featuring Nordost’s classic flatline configuration the Purple Flare is a rung beneath the present incarnation of Blue Heaven, however it is a tiny trip to heaven on its personal. It genuinely shines in the midband with a driving, slightly forward energy that imparts dynamic liveliness to all genres of music.

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efficient fabric selection

Satisfied November! It’s my month for the mighty fortunate quilting club! My challenge is all about effective fabric selection. (Attempt saying that 5 instances fast!) To me, a single of the very best parts about quilting is playing with gorgeous fabric! Wouldn’t you agree?

This fabric stack is one thing that I pulled with each other for the challenge….now I’m prepared to chop it up into a bunch of pieces and turn it into a quilt. This is a bit out of my standard color range, so I am anxious to see how it comes with each other and how much editing will want to take place along the way. It really is often an adventure!

For these of you participating in the club, I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the challenge! 

A few weeks ago, Sandi and I chatted all about scraps, fabric style, blogging and my mighty fortunate challenge. You can listen to the podcast here, if you care to. Sandi is lovely and I really enjoyed going to with her. I actually listened to the podcast myself, and it was by far the most scary part of my Halloween. (It is not scary at all, I am just extremely self-conscious. Hahaha!)

Since it really is usually enjoyable to hear from you, do you really like selecting out fabrics or do you dread that part? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the topic!

Also, tomorrow is my ten year weblog birthday. Craziness! I am not sure how to celebrate it, but I’ve been pondering about how items have changed and how it’s grown into anything I never would have dreamed of. I’m so thankful to you for reading!!!

2016 Editors’ Selection Awards: Music Servers $1,000 – $5,000

Aurender Flow
$ 1295
For someone who desires wonderful sound, smooth ergonomics, and a compact footprint, the Aurender Flow provides an elegant answer for headphone and nearfield listening. Place a big tough drive in it, and you have a clever rig for the traveling audiophile (after he’s arrived at his hotel room.) Also The Flow could effortlessly uncover a location with music professionals, who could carry it from studio to studio to guarantee monitoring consistency. If headphone listening from a pc supply is your thing, you need to have to hear the Flow since it was made for you.

Melco NA1 High Resolution Digital Music Library
$ 1999
A laptop audio server that offers a generous 4TB internal difficult drive storage for your digital music file collection in an sophisticated, conservatively-styled chassis that would appear at property in the fanciest method, the N1A plays all file formats commonly employed for music playback, and is simple to set up and operate. It uses Linn’s Kinsky remote-control app to offer unusually flexible manage more than playback of music files on the N1A’s hard drive. And its sound high quality, particularly its detail retrieval and wide soundstaging, is fairly particular.

$ 1999
As the flagship model for Sony’s “High Definition Music Initiative,” the new Sony HAP-Z1ES defines what Sony sees as the future of two-channel audio. It attempts to be effortless for a naïve user to operate, yet capable of the highest audio quality. And whilst it is comparatively basic to make an audio item that is straightforward to use, quite few ergonomically elegant mass-industry audio devices also make state-of-the-art sonics. This one does. Throughout the assessment period as SS place the HAP-Z1ES via its paces, he looked for factors it might be not be regarded a correct higher-overall performance element and identified none. If you program to spend far more than $ 2000 on any digital front end and you don’t audition a HAP-Z1ES, you are failing to think about what could properly be the benchmark digital item of 2014.

PS Audio PerfectWave DAC II, PerfectWave Memory Player, Network Bridge II
$ 2499/$ 3999/$ 799
This suite of items, collectively called the PerfectWave Music Group, comprises the PerfectWave Memory Player, PerfectWave DAC II, and PerfectWave Network Bridge (a slide-in card for the DAC that turns the system into a network-connected music server), and eLyric server software program. The program offers outstanding sound good quality across the board, but is especially adept at removing any trace of hardness and glare from older CDs. With high-res material, it reproduces the complete majesty of an orchestra from a mid-hall perspective.

Aurender N100T
$ 2695
Aurender’s N100T brings you a surprising quantity of the technologies, sound quality, and outstanding user expertise of the flagship W20 for a fraction of the value. You don’t get features such as dual-wire AES and clock input, but most users don’t need to have these capabilities anyway. The internal storage is 2TB rather than 12TB, but you can constantly add a NAS drive for more capacity. What you do get is the same outstanding Conductor app, Tidal integration, and Remote Support. Aurender’s Conductor app for iPad is by far the very best RH has used—fast, visually appealing, stable, intuitive, capable, and uncluttered, with features that have been clearly refined by way of actual use. Sonically, the N100T comes fairly close to the W20’s state-of-the-art efficiency, especially thinking about the cost differential.

Baetis Audio Revolution II Media Pc
$ 2995
This attractively priced media server—it’s been designed for the demands of higher-resolution video as well as audio—takes on many unquestioned assumptions in the still-nascent discipline of laptop audio. Utterly inaudible fans have been implemented inside the enclosure to let a powerful CPU to operate as tough as necessary. And Baetis employs a proprietary coaxial SPDIF stereo output, taken directly off the motherboard, that provides significantly better sound than the standard USB interface. The Rev II comes loaded with the industry-standard JRiver MC 19 software program and the business actually answers the telephone to offer whatever help is required to use their device properly.

Bryston BDP-two Digital Player
$ 2995
The BDP-two Digital Player is a technological tour de force that bridges generational divides: amongst the Old Planet CD player and the New World of high-resolution files and music-library management. The BDP-2 performs the very same function as a CD transport, but plays information files from removable USB storage media at their native resolution and in a multiplicity of file formats. Compared with the BDP-1, the BDP-2 incorporates the same digital audio circuitry, but incorporates a more effective system board and a correspondingly heftier energy provide. Processor speed and memory capacity are both increased. Connectivity is expanded to incorporate an internal SATA connection, an eSATA port, two gigabit Ethernet ports, and six complete-current USB two. ports. The Bryston BDP-2 does not merely “sound much better,” the expertise of hearing music through it is qualitatively diverse. It plays music with unprecedented purity.

3beez Wax Box three Management Method
$ 4600
The Wax Box is a turnkey music server constructed into a traditional laptop enclosure. But inside is a pc specially built for the very various demands of high-functionality audio. Just take it out of the box and you’re prepared to load music and listen. But that is only half the equation the Wax software is a classical-music lover’s delight in that you can categorize your library by composer, function, conductor, or performer. Most music-management software program is designed around the paradigm of artist, album, and song.

Linn Majik DSM
$ 4740
The Linn Majik DSM was developed to be a one particular-box integrated answer for music lovers who want a component that can play practically any music file in any room of their property. It also does all the issues you have come to anticipate sonically from a Linn component. It is tuneful, with excellent pace and musical delivery. On the practical side it’s painless to set up (thanks to your local Linn dealer), and easy to use. 

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