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It’s ultimately time to clarify why I’ve gone pincushion crazy. (As if I need an excuse, appropriate?) I’m packing all these up to take to Quilt Con this week for a super duper giveaway! If you would like a pincushion, come say hello to me at Quilt Con! All that I ask for in exchange is that you show me a photo of anything that you have created from a single of my patterns, tutorials, fabric, one particular of my books, etc. I program to do the giveaway over two days….Thursday and Friday. (I will have about half of the pincushions with me every day.) The giveaway is while supplies final, clearly.

I originally wanted to make one hundred, but I am going to be pleased with my 75, I guess. I don’t feel I would be capable to carry 100 of them, anyway! 🙂 I hope to meet you there!

Content Monday to you!

the pincushion challenge finale

It’s August 1st! That implies my a single-a-day pincushion challenge is more than. I’m pleased to say that I have achieved my aim…I produced at least a single pincushion per day for the complete month of July! It was an extremely exciting challenge that was a wonderful workout in creativity (and perseverance). I may possibly re-check out this thought once more, but for now, I need a bit of a break from pincushion making. Can you picture??? 🙂
Let’s look at the final couple of:
Day 29…

I made this one with the leftovers from day 9. I love this version even greater than the first one particular! It really is scrap project # 176.

Day 30….

This pincushion was inspired by the cross reduce quilt along that Debbie was hosting on Instagram. I really like the colors and the simple design. It is scrap project # 177.

And for the final day of the challenge….day 31….

….an itty bitty sewing machine! This one particular took some time, figuring and stitch ripping, but it was all worth it! (I quilted the spool 3 different instances. Gah!) This a single is going in my permanent collection! It really is scrap project # 178!

All together now…the 36 pincushions (!!!) that I made in July. It was a LOT of enjoyable! Ridiculous, but fun!

Thanks once more to all of you who cheered me on and encouraged me along the way. It indicates so considerably! THANK YOU!!!

Nowadays, I am pleased to announce that I am releasing a new pattern: Plenty of Pincushions, Volume 1. It’s a single pattern that includes guidelines for the five pincushions shown: Flying Geese, Friendship, Diamond, Pineapple and Sailboats. Two of the designs (flying geese and pineapple) are paper pieced. Those two are written with the assumption that you already have basic paper piecing expertise. If you need to have to brush up on your paper piecing expertise, there are several, many video tutorials out there on the internet. I know I need to have to re-learn paper piecing nearly every time I try it. 🙂

To answer a handful of frequently asked concerns:

Q: What do you fill your pincushions with?

A: Crushed walnut shells. They are obtainable at bigger pet stores and they are sold as lizard litter. You can also use play sand, crushed glass or emery in location of the walnut shells. If none of those are accessible, polyester fiberfill also functions.

Q: What are you going to do with all your pincushions?

A: A handful of of them will go in my permanent collection. The other people, I have plans to give them away!

Well, there you have it. 🙂 Satisfied Monday to you!

the pincushion challenge continues

It’s July 13 already and I’ve managed to preserve up with my one-a-day pincushion challenge. Frankly, I’m shocked that I have managed to stick with it this extended with out missing a day! It’s been such a wonderful challenge, creatively.

Day eight…

This is a teeny tiny scrappy trip block made with leftover scraps from my log cabin blocks. Each of the squares finish at about 1″! This is scrap project #155.

Day 9…..

Every single of the colored strips in this pincushion finish at 1/4″! The general completed size is about two” x 8 3/4″. It’s best for setting correct in front of a sewing machine. This one started out as one more concept, but it morphed into this, which I enjoy! Did you notice the stitching in the adverse space on the ends? They mimic the colored strips….it might be my favorite part! This is scrap project #156.

Day ten….

For this trio it was all about the quilting. I started with super soft double gauze (in a shade dangerously close to purple….hahaha!) then quilted each and every square heavily. I really like the simplicity! These are scrap project #157.

Day 11….

Inspired by choose up sticks. I started this one day, practically threw it away…then finished it up a day or two later. It’s not best, by any implies, but it is acceptable and at least I gave the idea a opportunity. 🙂 It really is scrap project #158.

Day 12….

This was an orphan block (pattern can be identified right here) that I turned into a pincushion. The coffee cup fabric is a chevron print (from Dear Stella fabrics) that I utilized as a guide for the cross hatch quilting. I wasn’t confident if it would function or not, but it seemed to do the trick! This 1 is a tiny bigger (just beneath 5″ x five 1/two”), so I stuffed it with poly fiberfill. It is scrap project #159.

Day 13….

This is a scrap vortex in solids. I added the borders so I wouldn’t drop any of the scraps on the outer edges, as they are SO tiny. This pincushion is just over 4″ square. It really is scrap project #160!

Thank you for following along with my crazy pincushion antics and for encouraging me along the way. I appreciate it quite considerably!

I’d be curious to hear which one of these is your favorite!

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