Here’s a cool handheld drum machine you can create with Arduino

“I’m the operator with my pocket calculator…” — and now you’re the engineer/builder, too.

This excellent, copiously documented project by Hamood Nizwan / Gabriel Valencia packs a capable drum machine into a handheld, calculator-like format, complete with LCD display and pad triggers. Assembly above and — here’s the result:

It’s simple stuff, but genuinely cool. You can load samples onto an SD card reader, and then trigger them with touch sensors, with visible feedback on the show.

All of that is feasible thanks to the Arduino MEGA undertaking the heavy lifting.


The mission:

The thought is to develop a Drum Machine employing Arduino that would simulate drum sounds in the 9 keys available in the panel. The Drum machine will also have a display where the user can see the sample name that is being played each time, and a set of menu buttons to go by means of the list of samples obtainable.

The Drum Machine will also use an SD Card Reader to make it achievable for the user to shop the audio samples, and have much more playfulness with the equipment.


Verify out the complete project – and perhaps develop (or modify) this project your self!

Got a drum machine DIY of your personal? Let us know!

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Here’s the simple point you can do to assistance artists you love on Facebook

“The Algorithm.” It sounds like one thing ominous out of scifi – an AI character from The Matrix, perhaps. It is the name for the proprietary program by which Facebook shows you content material. And this element of social media has been under fire lately, even on the international political scale. Pc rules are invisibly determining what you see. And they don’t necessarily function for you. Like a drug dealer, they’re there to maintain you hooked. And because they can be purchased, they’re also there to make sure publishers get marketing to be noticed.

Okay, that sounds scary. On the other hand, you are sitting at a pc. You’ve got tools to make this operate for you. So rather than process this information passively (which is indeed scary), take control. I hope we’ll concentrate a lot on that in the coming months.

And that’s particularly vital with music. You wouldn’t just get what ever music was at the prime of the Billboard charts and listen to that exclusively 24/7 for the rest of the month. So it makes sense to take some active function in the music you get from social media, also.

And let’s be honest: right now, Facebook is not so fantastic for music. Artist pages lack simple tools like an internal official player. Then content material gets lost amidst political news and baby photos. Facebook has gotten loads of press lately over no matter whether content material shared by close friends or news stories get precedent. A single issue you’ll by no means hear about, even though, is music.

That is worth noting. Music is generally a bit portion of social media. MySpace got its start with music and constructed-in players, back in the day. On the Russian VKontakt (VK), music is everywhere. (Legality is maybe questionable, but it shows you what a service may look like.)

I can picture some reasons for this. Facebook might be worried about obtaining slapped with licensing costs. They might be unable to monetize the music content itself (particularly as regards advertising). They might have internal statistics that show typical customers don’t want self-promotional posts from artists they comply with as considerably as they do infant images. Music content material (heavily linking to YouTube, for instance) could run up against other algorithm rules that merely aren’t weighted for musicians. Or it could be some combination.

What I do know is, you can handle this.

Appropriate now, choose a favored artist. Hover over the Like button.


“Default” implies the Algorithm chooses where (or if) you see posts from this artist. You can select to see these very first with other issues that matter to you – both these determined automatically and those individuals and pages you choose.

The notifications portion is now a bit confusing. Notifications refer to the tiny pop-up indications you get from Facebook, as well as those events listed below the globe icon in the upper-appropriate-hand menu.

By default, it appears like it’s “on.” It is not: this in fact is only specific Facebook Reside video streams. So, if you’re wondering why lately you’ve been obtaining interrupted with random video feeds you do not care about, now you know why. The reality this setting is on by default implies that pages (as Facebook hoped) are employing them to get your consideration.

But notice the pencil icon just to the proper of Notifications.


This gives you a a lot more detailed dialog. Here, you can decide on what you care about.

For my favorite artists, I’ve set this to notify me of events (at the extremely least, so I do not miss a show), and usually status updates and links. A hyperlink, for instance, will make certain I hear about my preferred artist’s most current release or track or interview.


So, wait, why are we signing up for this spam?

Two reasons.

Reason one: also considerably Facebook is producing us all depressed. You know what I imply. Depending on your lot in life, a couple of as well numerous editorials or as well several photographs of happily married school close friends or what ever can preserve you from receiving operate carried out or focusing on what matters. At worst, it could make you really feel hopeless about world events or about all those people who are living happier lives than you. (Hey, I’m critical: I cannot imagine any person not getting these reactions after too significantly exposure to the feed.)

Music, on the other hand, I believe can completely modify your mood.

Purpose two: artists are discovering they have to buy marketing just to be heard. And some are giving up. I think that’s genuinely as well negative, and I don’t want the only music hyperlinks I see to come from artists with deep pockets.

I’m not attempting to place Facebook Advertisements out of enterprise. On the contrary, speaking as somebody who uses them, the “organic” content material (like you’ve completed here) can nonetheless mix nicely with paid.

Lastly, if you do like and share content from musicians you enjoy, you will raise its worth in the algorithm.

And I believe that is worth it.

Oh, PS, if you want to share this report or take these methods with CDM, we’ll enjoy you back. But, for genuine, do it with some musicians even prior to us.

CDM’s Facebook page
our label Establishment on Facebook (which is also now the very best way to send me demos)

At leading: PulseWidthMod, who reminded me I meant to create about this

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