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It’s ultimately time to clarify why I’ve gone pincushion crazy. (As if I need an excuse, appropriate?) I’m packing all these up to take to Quilt Con this week for a super duper giveaway! If you would like a pincushion, come say hello to me at Quilt Con! All that I ask for in exchange is that you show me a photo of anything that you have created from a single of my patterns, tutorials, fabric, one particular of my books, etc. I program to do the giveaway over two days….Thursday and Friday. (I will have about half of the pincushions with me every day.) The giveaway is while supplies final, clearly.

I originally wanted to make one hundred, but I am going to be pleased with my 75, I guess. I don’t feel I would be capable to carry 100 of them, anyway! 🙂 I hope to meet you there!

Content Monday to you!

Molly Leading and Cleo Dress – A Cleolly? PLUS giveaway


Yes, I have produced an additional Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dress, and if you look at this photo for long enough your eyes will turn fuzzy. Do not you really like 15th-century buildings?

My fourth Cleo was sewn using purple pin cord from Saeed Fabrics and leading stitched using gold prime stitching thread. Saeeds have a lovely variety of cotton baby cords at the moment – get oneself down there.


Sadly, I found a fault in my fabric following cutting out. Faults take place it’s component of the heady Russian roulette of purchasing fabric. I know, I’m crazy. We’re all crazy! They must make a Netflix series about us.

My fault was right on the seat of the dress. I darned the area but didn’t trust this weak spot to withstand either my arse or the washing machine.

I experimented with miniature pockets to cover the region.



Undoubtedly not…


In the finish, I just unpicked my primary pockets and moved them closer in to the centre seam.


Not the most balanced look in the planet, and total strangers shall be staring at my behind, but what can I say? Creatives like wot you and I are carry heavy burdens. Pockets Screaming Appear At My Arse are just one particular of numerous.

It’s nevertheless a good dress!

I then sewed a companion piece to go beneath the dress. It is a Sew Over It Molly Leading from Lisa Comfort’s Capsule Wardrobe ebook. I genuinely enjoy this ebook. It’s the 1 sewing book I’ve sewn several products from. Why is that, do you think?


I chose this Liberty jersey because it carries a grey detail, which brings me nicely to my selected colour palette for #2017makenine:

Purple, grey, mustard, red

3 of these colours occur in today’s outfit. I’m going with purple and grey simply because these colours typically take place in my wardrobe, red simply because my soul will die with out it and mustard to challenge my boundaries. I’m not prescribing neutrals – just trust me to use them.

And I’m adding one particular caveat – random weirdness! This weekend I bought 4 metres of completely insane fabrics because they appealed. I’m not ruling that type of spontaneity out of my life for any sewing initiative. No, sirree.

Anyways. As has been proved time and again, the Cleo dress functions magnificently with corduroy. Fancy two metres of your personal child cord to play with? Then go to the corduroy choice more than at The Sewcial Studio. Enter a comment under saying which is your favourite, and you stand a likelihood of winning two metres! Personally, I love Damsons In The Wild.

And if you’re in the Staffordshire location on 11 February, The Sewcial Studio is operating a workshop on making the Cleo dress. Win, win!

The fabric giveaway runs until midnight GMT Thursday 12 January and is open internationally. Excellent luck!


Did You Make That?

Ginghamalong Launch Giveaway Winners!

gingham bias tape

Okay, guys, the #ginghamalong has certain struck a chord. There’s a lot of people out there who adore gingham and have been salivating more than the Pinterest inspiration board. Are you a single of them? Going to  join in the entertaining?

But first, our two launch winners…

WINNER One particular

3 metres of the Checkers gingham from The Village Haberdashery goes to Me And Two Makes 3, who has vowed to make a prime for herself and an outfit for her 20-month-old daughter. My teeth currently hurt from the sweetness!


Thimberlina wins two metres of gingham jersey from Girl Charlee UK. (To locate out about far more special jerseys you can subscribe to their newsletter right here.) I cannot wait to see what this fabric becomes!

To the winners, I’ll be in touch for postal addresses. To absolutely everyone else, great luck with your gingham goals. I’ve been working challenging on a single of mine and followers on Instagram will know how I feel about it so far…

Correct. I’m off to organise the grand gingham prize to go with our reveals. Remember, 13 September is our deadline.

Might the gingham force be powerful in your lives and sewing!

Did You Make That?

Jumble Trail & A Giveaway

Walthamstow Jumble Trail

These days heralded the 2016 Walthamstow Village Jumble Trail, and despite the rain we all turned out in force. (It is sunny now, so get out there!)

carIt was a actually beautiful afternoon and Ella and I bought a few selection items for a couple of meagre pounds. Like, some buttons!

buttons at jumble sail

Is not the below a beautiful choice? Only 1 comprehensive set, but I don’t consider that matters, do you? I seldom use up a comprehensive set of buttons and these are so charming.

Would you like a little piece of the Walthamstow Jumble Fair for your self? Fancy the likelihood of winning a giveaway? Just leave a comment under and let me know which of the below buttons get in touch with to you most. (The winner will receive them all I’m just curious to know which is the most popular.)

vintage buttons

Of course, I treated myself also. This is the year I’m determined to get my garden back below manage and a nice place to be.

Happy Sundays, everybody!

plant bought

This competitors is open worldwide and closes on Wednesday 15 June at midnight GMT. Excellent luck!

Did You Make That?

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