Dealer Occasion at F1 Audio Illinois

The following is a press release issued by F1 Audio.

February 22, 2017 – F1 Audio will be hosting an occasion Thursday, February 23rd (4:30 PM – eight:30 PM) featuring the new Dynaudio Contour 60 loudspeakers, Nordost cables, Octave tube electronics and Music from MoFi. Factory representatives will be on hand performing demonstrations and answering concerns. Guest will be in a position to register for a opportunity to win music from MoFi records, and F1 will offer unique pricing in the course of the event. Refreshments will be served.

F1 asks that you kindly get in touch with or email to register for the event.

F1 Audio, 311 E Dundee Rd., Palatine IL 60074.
Tel: 847.772.3140 
Email: jamie@f1audio.com


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MQA Amplifies Hi-Res Audio Activity at CES 2017

The following is a press release issued by MQA.

Las Vegas/London | 5 January 2017: MQA is an official supporter of the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion at CES, and will be participating in the DEG-led initiative to showcase studio top quality music and premium streaming solutions.  Occupying a special position as an enabling technology for music solutions, record labels and device manufacturers, MQA will help the activities of companion organizations who are primarily based on the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion, as properly as these exhibiting elsewhere at CES.

Eric Boulanger, founder and award-winning mastering engineer at The Bakery in Los Angeles, will be taking component in a live demonstration at 1pm on Thursday five January at the Pavilion. “MQA will be the 1st chance, in the history of recorded music, to straight hyperlink the music listener to the mastering studio, revolutionising my job and its value,” says Boulanger of the MQA format.

Music services update
International music and entertainment platform, TIDAL, has launched a new ‘master’ audio function and is supplying MQA music to all TIDAL HiFi subscribers.

TIDAL is committed to bringing members closer to their favourite musicians and offering MQA sound top quality will enable subscribers to hear music just as it was recorded in the studio,” stated a TIDAL representative.

Hi-res download store, HIGHRESAUDIO, is also expanding its MQA providing with releases from chosen Warner Music artists now accessible for download.

New companion announcements from Technics, AudioQuest and Audirvana
Technics are announcing the implementation of MQA into their Grand Class SU-G30 Network Player Amplifier in Spring 2017.

Michiko Ogawa, Director of Technics &amp Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation, had the following to say in support of MQA: “The rapidly increasing music streaming industry demands important audio technologies like MQA to provide an authentic music knowledge to a mass audience. We are delighted to be operating with MQA to assist obtain this objective.”

AudioQuest, are also announcing MQA implementation in their USB DAC merchandise, DragonFly Red and Black. MQA will be accessible to AudioQuest clients later this month through a totally free software update. Steve Silberman, VP of Development, commented: “AudioQuest aims to provide amazing sound top quality and MQA implementation in our goods demonstrates this commitment. We’re quite excited to offer you AudioQuest consumers the best attainable audio knowledge.” MQA demonstrations will be in the AudioQuest Venetian suites 30-105 and 30-106, and at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion.

Audirvana, creator of Audirvana Plus, the Higher-Fidelity software player for macOS, announced that MQA decoding will be obtainable in the upcoming Audirvana Plus three, which is due for release early 2017.  “The integration of MQA technology is a main step towards enabling all Mac users to hear their favourite artists as if they had been appropriate there in front of them,” commented Audirvana founder Damien Plisson.

MQA partner updates
Mytek has launched the Mytek Clef, a strong higher fidelity headphone amplifier and DAC that is MQA-enabled.  The new Mytek Clef will be on display at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion in Central Hall and will be shipping in the second quarter of 2017.

NAD Electronics and Bluesound will be providing demonstrations of a number of MQA-enabled merchandise at The Venetian, Suite 30-235.  Products include the PULSE SOUNDBAR, the first soundbar to support MQA.

Pioneer’s subsequent-generation XDP-300R digital audio player will be demonstrated along with a sneak-peek of its new entry-level DAP.  Onkyo will be displaying the next iteration of its award-winning digital audio player with the DP-X1A alongside its new entry-level model.  Joining the digital audio players will be a preview of Onkyo’s new hi-res smartphone.  All items include MQA implementation and will be demonstrated in the Venetian at suite 29-309.

Beneficial details
– MQA has a base on the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion, Booth #14546 in Central Hall of LVCC.

– MQA will be present at the DEG press conference, area S228 of the LVCC, 12-1.30pm on Thursday 5 January.

– Other MQA partners demonstrating at the Venetian contain:

  • Bel Canto suite 29-318
  • Brinkmann suite 29-201 (Vandersteen area)
  • MSB suite 29-211
  • Aurender (Martin Logan area) 30-118

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Bluesound to Showcase at CES 2017 Hi-Res Audio Pavilion

The following is a press release issued by Bluesound.

CES 2017, Las Vegas, NV | January 4, 2017BLUESOUND, the world’s initial wireless multi-space music technique to support hi-res audio, has partnered with DEG, The Digital Entertainment Group, to sponsor a special Hi-Res Audio Pavilion at CES 2017.

The pavilion, located in the Central Hall (Booth #14546) of the Las Vegas Convention Center, is made to highlight the essential listening rewards of hi-res music and showcase the finish-to-end process of generating the music we listen to, from recording to production to storage and to playback. In addition to the presence of pick device producers like Bluesound, the pavilion is also supported by a quantity of hi-res music retailers and streaming solutions the certifying physique for Hi-Res Audio merchandise globally, Japan Audio Society recording market representatives from the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) MQA Ltd. and the Customer Technologies Association (CTA).

“We’re honoured to be selected to join such an elite class of audio makers and music pros at CES this year,” stated John Banks, Bluesound’s Chief Brand Officer.

“Bluesound’s roots are in hi-fi and so taking an end-to-finish strategy to acoustic design and style has often been our aim. The music that plays from a Bluesound player needs to sound as close as possible to what was recorded due to the fact that is the sound that the artist and the producers intended for the end user to hear,” said Greg Stidsen, Bluesound Director of Technology and Product Arranging. “We recognize, style for, and optimize the signal path that music takes from source to speaker to develop the truest attainable sound reproduction for our customers to appreciate at property, every single time.”

The pavilion will also function a completely functioning replica of the legendary Capital Studios Handle Space A exactly where The Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, and other significant artists recorded some of their greatest hits. A number of hi-res recordings representing dozens of major and independent labels like Universal Music Group and Warner Music will be demonstrated for visitors interested in hearing the hi-res difference.

“At Universal Music Group, we are focused on delivering the highest-top quality music experiences to fans around the planet,” said Ty Roberts, Chief Technology Officer at Universal Music Group. “At CES we will showcase subsequent-generation premium features that are increasingly in high demand by shoppers such as studio-good quality sound and a treasure trove of high-definition album art and other photos.”

In addition to Bluesound’s presence at the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion, the company’s complete line of hires wireless speakers and digital music players will also be on display at CES 2017 at The Venetian, Suite 30-235. The suite will be open to CES attendees on January five, 6, and 7, to expertise hi-res audio on Bluesound items. Bluesound is a intelligent music system of audiophile-grade wireless speakers and digital players, that enable you to stream music from a library stored on your house network and a lot of popular music streaming solutions. All controlled with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, users can knowledge accurate higher-resolution music in any space of the house, wirelessly. Bluesound is obtainable at authorized audio retailers in nations all more than the world or direct from Bluesound at www.bluesound.com.

About Bluesound
An alliance of audiophiles. We are the designers, engineers and men and women who have spent our lives in the music business. Our founders helped pioneer HiFi in the 70s – innovation and the pursuit of perfection in audio runs deep in our collective DNA. Bluesound’s sole mission is to create revolutionary wireless audio merchandise and technologies that enable for the most true-tolive performance music reproduction attainable, utilizing the most advanced, state-of-the-art digital technology.

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Audio High Produces Robert Silverman Recordings Offered in MQA

The following is a press release issued by Audio Higher.

December 2016 – Audio High is proud to announce its collaboration with pianist Robert Silverman and Bob Stuart’s MQA, to release one of the 1st original content material created for MQA encoding. The set of 23 Beethoven piano sonatas is now accessible in MQA, High-res, CD-top quality, and MP3 formats. The MP3 files are offered for free, and the other recordings are offered with a tiny donation to Silver Linings, Audio High’s non-profit organization, with one hundred% of proceeds funding its projects.

“MQA provides listeners the original functionality, as the artist intended it,” stated Michael Silver, Owner of Audio High. “MQA is basically great and we are excited about this technologies. We are proud to supply shoppers the opportunity to hear Beethoven’s Sonatas in MQA whilst supporting our charity dedicated to enriching lives by way of the arts.”

In 2010, Canadian pianist Robert Silverman took on a rare challenge: to perform and record, for the second time, all 32 of Beethoven’s piano sonatas. Few have performed the whole suite of piano sonatas, and far fewer much more than once. In contrast to many pianists of earlier generations who normally took years to operate by means of the whole cycle, Silverman completed this eight-concert series of Beethoven sonatas more than the course of only seven months in San Jose’s sophisticated Le Petite Trianon Theatre.

Audio High’s owner, Michael Silver, who is a trained concert pianist himself, created the concert series. The sonatas had been recorded and mastered by Mark Willsher (audio producer and engineer whose credits contain the soundtracks for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, as nicely a lot of other crucial films and albums). Zach Miley did the final editing.

All proceeds from the concerts and recordings go to Audio High’s non-profit organization, Silver Linings (www.silverlinings.org). Silver Linings is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to boost people’s lives through music, film, and art and which has contributed to many causes, like cystic fibrosis investigation, Stanford Hospital, and local music programs for youngsters. A single project funded by Silver Linings is a particular room at the Stanford Children’s Hospital exactly where little ones can go to see exclusive events, music performances, and films, which includes Pixar movies just before they hit the theaters.

Silver continues, “A portion of each and every sale at Audio High also goes to Silver Linings, and Audio High pays for all overhead costs, so one hundred% of the funds raised via efforts like this goes to the causes we support.”

Please go to this link to download the recordings: http://www.audiohigh.com/robert-silverman-beethoven-recordings/

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Introducing the Baetis Audio Prodigy-X Model and the Reference-X Model

The following is a press release issued by Baetis Audio.

December 20, 2016 – The Prodigy-X and Reference-X models from Baetis Audio™ are all about the extremely very best multi-channel audio as effectively as much better integrated video.  They function the newest Intel™ 170 chipset and sixth generation Core i5 or Core-i7 CPU, plus DDR4 RAM — and this indicates significantly greater CPU and RAM speeds.  Uniquely among our Prodigy models, the Prodigy-X comes common with Baetis-made AES for the very best 2-channel audio, due to the fact this is a model meant for a extremely very good MCh home theater system, which is likely to have a very good pair of Left/Right speakers. 

The Reference-X model, comes with improvements over the Prodigy-X model that are standard of our Baetis models, such as internal anti-EMI fabrics meant to minimize audio and video noise from electro-magnetic-interference.  Plus, the Reference-X comes with better components on its 2-channel daughterboard than the Prodigy, when using the AES input of a higher-quality DAC or the AES input of a single of these couple of pre/pros that actually have a two-channel AES input (believe Anthem™, Datasat™, Theta™, or Trinnov™).  Critically, the Reference-X takes advantage of academic analysis that suggests that the kind of internal SPDIF/AES cabling makes a important difference in the performance of the transformers employed on our daughterboards.  The Reference-X also has a Blu-ray optical drive that expenses numerous times much more than the Blu-ray drives utilised in our Prodigy models or in common HTPCs.  Baetis Audio™ is unique amongst high-finish media server companies in that we are the only one that is licensed by A single-Blue™ to set up Blu-ray drives in our models.  If you have not heard Blu-ray music via a Baetis, you haven’t heard Blu-ray music – not to mention Blu-ray motion pictures, concert events, and opera.

Both these new models use the most current Realtek™ HD audio codec on the motherboard which is vital to their MCh sound high quality.  This audio codec improves audio dynamics (the distinction in loudness amongst loud passages and quiet passages) which is great for MCh DSD audio files, especially classical files.  Meanwhile, the added speed of the CPUs and RAM are critical for handling certain new MCh DSD files such as DSD256.  For instance, a six-channel DSD256 audio file might have a bit-rate of 56,448 kbps – compared to, say, a 24/192 two-channel HiDef file that generates 9,216 kbps, or a Redbook CD rip that generates 1,411 kbps.  No, your present “server” probably can not play these really high bit-rate files offered the server’s wimpy CPU.

Possibly most critical to the audiophile, all of our Baetis models, as properly as the Prodigy two and Prodigy-X models, contain the Neutrik™ Powercon™ DC input connector.  This is not your basic “wall-wart” DC barrel connector — it permits any Baetis buyer to audition the most recent in external energy supplies, which includes the Baetis “soft-switch-mode” PSU or the newest HD-Plex™ high-wattage linear PSU.

The Prodigy-X begins at $ 4995, even though the Reference-X begins at $ 11,750, including the positive aspects discussed above, plus the potential positive aspects of full dealer support for Baetis models.  If you have your 2-channel system inside a wonderful residence theater space, you will absolutely need one of these media servers to fulfill your dreams.  Check out www.baetisaudio.com or call Joe at 1-888-357-0035, or e-mail us at baetisjoe@gmail.com. 

Note that the X-models also have an essential new alternative – installation of the SOtM™ USBhubIN USB ports with SOtM internal clock board.  This is the ONLY high-end USB procedure that does NOT use a PCI-bus.  The thinking is the exact same as for our SPDIF and AES outputs – keep away from the high common-mode noise of a PCI-bus, if at all possible.  While we believe that AES usually beats USB, this is the greatest USB for those DACs that do DSD only via USB.

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Naim Redefines All-in-1 Audio Technique With Uniti Range

The following is a press release issued by Naim Audio.

November 11, 2016 | NEW YORK, NY — Naim Audio, a world-renowned premium British hi-fi manufacturer introduces the new Uniti variety – a series of higher overall performance wireless all-in-a single audio systems that delivers the audio fan much more music about the residence than ever ahead of.

Comprising of the Uniti Core central audio server and Uniti Atom, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova  music players, this new variety draws on 43 years of Naim Audio heritage and knowledge in audio engineering, industrial design and style and streaming technology to provide audio systems that set the benchmark for higher fidelity all-in-1 and multi-room listening.

Steve Sells, Naim Audio Electronic Design Director says, “The new Uniti variety is the outcome of years of development, designing and creating these systems from the ground up. From the user-interface and apps, to the interior electronics via to the premium components utilised, we have meticulously designed the Uniti range to provide the ultimate audio overall performance for a one-stop wireless remedy.”

Taking design and style and technology elements from Naim’s award-winning Mu-so wireless speaker program variety and flagship Statement amplifier – their iconic rotary control interface is at the centre of the Uniti range – these new players are straightforward, plug and play hi-fi systems that permit absolutely everyone to enjoy accurate high-fidelity sound. Simple to set-up (just add your choice of speakers) with a intuitive user-interface and hassle-free, automatic on the web updates, the variety requires up minimal space in the home.  

Created to very easily connect to a property Wi-Fi network, the listener can take pleasure in a planet of music from any supply. Wirelessly stream your downloaded music in higher-resolution from a Computer, Mac, NAS drive or a Uniti Core by way of UPnP (Universal Plug ’n’ Play) or browse and play millions of songs through well-known streaming services Spotify Connect and TIDAL.

Help for Apple AirPlay makes it possible for streaming of music from Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac through iTunes, similarly Google Cast for Audio plays music directly from compatible devices and control app. World wide web Radio provides access to thousands of radio stations.

The players also assistance Bluetooth aptX for high-top quality and stable wireless streaming from compatible devices such as a smartphone or tablet.  The Uniti Star functions a CD player (for playback and ripping to a connected storage device) with the all players featuring USB slots for playback of music from MP3 players and USB sticks.  

No matter whether playing the same song in beat-perfect sync or diverse music in distinct rooms, the new Uniti variety delivers the ultimate multi-space knowledge. Customers can play music among any mixture of Uniti players and Mu-so systems with seamless, intuitive manage of all systems coming by way of 1 new look devoted Naim app for iOS and Android.  

At the heart of this variety is the Uniti Core – the ultimate library for the music fan. This network-storage device enables the quick, bit excellent ripping of CDs, track-level cataloguing for detailed search, storage and wireless distribution of their music collection. Users can simply slot in a difficult drive or solid-state tough drive also. Maximum capacity is 8TB – enough to hold up to 16,000 CD high quality albums. 

Combining digital versatility with an analogue heart, the Uniti range characteristics Class A/B amplification. Superior to its digital counterpart, analogue Class A/B can drive a wider variety of speakers even though getting far more efficient, generating significantly less electrical noise, resulting in a cleaner audio signal and pure fidelity. The Uniti Atom’s integrated amp drives 40 watts per channel whilst the Uniti Star commands 70 watts and the Uniti Nova 80 watts per channel.

Each the Uniti Atom and Uniti Star models boast a effective 40-bit SHARC digital signal processor that removes ‘jitter’ timing errors while all Uniti players harbor premium Burr Brown DACs (Digital Audio Converters) and digital filter technology primarily based on elements from the company’s Statement amplifier. The outcome is a smoother and more precise sonic performance.  

For the A/B class amplifiers and interior electronics to execute at optimal levels, all Uniti enclosures are designed employing the specialist grade supplies and precision engineering. Constructed from thermal conductive aluminum that, coupled with the Statement and Mu-so-referenced heat sinks, removes heat for the circuitry to operate quickly and effectively. The 5mm thick, brushed aluminum top plate is scratch and dent resistant whilst also guarding the interior electronics from magnetic influences and unwanted internal and external vibrations that can impact the sound.

The Uniti variety can also be a home entertainment hub, boasting digital HDMI inputs for connecting digital sources such as TVs, set-top boxes and games consoles.

The Naim Uniti Core is available in December 2016, priced $ 2595
The Naim Uniti Atom is available in December 2016, priced $ 2995
The Naim Uniti Star is accessible in Spring 2017, priced $ 5595
The Naim Uniti Nova is available in February 2017, priced $ 6995

About Us
Founded in 1973, Naim is an award-winning manufacturer of hi-fi based in Wiltshire, UK. With a history rooted in engineering excellence, Naim has won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Export on two occasions. Naim shares the same intense partnership with music as its buyers, a passion that is reflected in every hand-crafted solution that leaves the factory in Salisbury.Naim Audio maintains an exclusive partnership with Bentley Motors – the Naim for Bentley premium audio system is offered as an optional additional on all Bentley models – and Naim is an official sponsor of Group M-Sport Bentley for the 2014 GT3 season.Naim also has its personal independent record label which provides higher definition music for download from its on the web retailer. In recent years Naim Label has turn into location where independent talent can thrive. Its multi-MOBO winning, Mercury Prize and GRAMMY nominated roster of critically acclaimed artists contain ESKA, who’s debut album was a 2015 Mercury Prize Album of the Year and Huey and the New Yorkers, the debut solo project from provocative Entertaining Lovin’ Criminals front man, Huey Morgan.

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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show Report: Electronics, plus Analog and Cable Highlights

Despite the challenges of mounting an audio show in the midst of renovations of the hotel venue, the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was really a good results. Rumors of its demise prior to the show have been unfounded. Even though by my estimation there weren’t quite as several exhibitors as final year, there had been lots of good-sounding rooms with mouth-watering audio components to satisfy any audio enthusiast’s appetite. RMAF was far much better than I expected, and show organizer Marjorie Baumert and her team, as properly as numerous manufacturers and dealers, should be congratulated for overcoming the renovation-connected venue obstacles.

My beat was quite broad: electronics along with highlights of analog, and cables/power merchandise. Whilst I definitely could have utilized an additional day at the show, I was capable to cover a lot of ground and unearthed several noteworthy products and wonderful values.

Five Most Important Electronics Components

Hegel Röst integrated amplifier

A single of the greatest sonic gems at the show was Hegel’s new Röst integrated ($ 3000). The Röst is truly like having a smaller-scale version of Hegel’s highly regarded H360 but with the exact same DAC from its H160. It supports streaming and offers a “high fidelity version” of Apple AirPlay. The Röst produces 75Wpc into eight ohms but sounded far more powerful, organic, and dimensional. Compared with a Hegel H80, this new integrated amp’s soundstage was broad with photos extending beyond the plane of the speakers.

NAD Classic Series integrated amplifiers

One more excellent worth represented at the show was NAD’s new C 368 Hybrid Digital DAC amplifier, part of NAD’s completely re-engineered Classic Series electronics (C 338 at $ 649 C 368 at $ 899 C 388 at $ 1599). Extended known for its wonderful entry-level integrated amplifiers (1 of which helped get me began on my audiophile journey a number of decades ago), NAD now gives the C 368, a completely modern integrated with a modular design and style enabling a single to add functionality and a lot more power. In addition to a built-in DAC, the C 368 also includes a moving-magnet phonostage. What struck me about its sound was its lack of digital “edge,” making for fatigue-totally free listening demo when paired with PSB Think about XB speakers and a new PSB sub in a $ 3500 method. The sound was comparatively smooth and detailed, with excellent imaging and a low noise floor.

Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000R monoblock amplifier

The Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000R ($ 1499 every single), an updated model, is a fully balanced style generating 625Wpc into 8 ohms and a whopping 1225Wpc into four ohms. It is wired internally with Kimber Kable and sports a new input board to reportedly make it sound far more natural, refined, and engaging. Primarily based on my listening to a system bi-amplified with four Wyred four Sound monoblocks, and connected with Wyred’s own cables, plus music server, and an SST Thoebe II preamp driving PureAudioProject Stellar 12 speakers, it certainly does!

Nagra Classic preamplifier and Classic INT integrated amplifier

Nagra introduced two new products to these shores: the Classic INT ($ 18,995) and the Classic preamplifier ($ 16,995). The Classic INT is derived from Nagra’s not too long ago introduced separate Classic amp combined with a new preamplifier style in the energy amplifier’s input stage. It produces 100Wpc into 8 ohms and was on passive show. The Classic preamplifier is a new tube unit, derived from Nagra’s JAZZ preamplifier, with both balanced and single-ended inputs/outputs. When the Classic preamplifier was mated with the extremely musical Avalon Acoustics Indra Diamond speakers and a Kronos Pro turntable with a Black Beauty tonearm, EMT S75 cartridge, and Kubala-Sosna cables, the sound was very organic, dynamic, spacious and transparent, with no smearing on the leading edges of transients. This system was a powerful contender for very best sound of the show.

Bel Canto Black Series ACI 600 (Asynchronous Control Integrated)

Retailing for $ 25,000, this super integrated on Bel Canto’s new 4-processor platform delivers a lot of functionality, like a programmable mm/mc phonostage, internal DAC, headphone output, network streaming, MQA support, bass EQ, and so forth. It delivers 300Wpc into eight ohms, and its modular design efficiently isolates the analog and digital sections. Combined with Verity Audio’s superb Parsifal Anniversary speakers by way of WyWire Diamond Series cables, the system produced tremendous bass extension and ambience on Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, and outstanding clarity and excellent timbre on piano recordings.

Auspicious Debuts: Electronics

Crystal Cable Cube Program

Even though I saw a reduce-away section of this ingenious integrated at the Munich Show, this was the first time I heard it. Crystal Cable’s compact Cube Program ($ 16,995) has an output topology derived straight from Siltech’s terrific SAGA “Light Drive” output stage and produces 200Wpc into eight ohms. Its sophisticated controller provides a comprehensive technique control interface. With the Cube driving Crystal Cable’s Arabesque Minissimo speakers via its Dreamline Plus cables, and a Naim digital front end, the sound was really refined and transparent.

Devialet Specialist Pro Line Dual Mono 1000 Pro integrated

While Devialet’s Specialist Pro series begins with the 130 Pro model ($ 7690), the line extends to the potent dual mono 1000 Pro ($ 34,990) that generates 1000Wpc, has an sophisticated phonostage, and employs new ADH intelligence, which mates Class A analog amplification with strong Class D digital amplification. It is computer software-upgradeable through Devialet’s “Configurator” tool. The 1000 Pro sounded really powerful and dynamic, with fantastic bass drive, fine detail retrieval, and transparency.

Dynamic Sounds Associates (DSA) Amp 1 monoblock

Made by Douglas Hurlburt and priced at $ 25,000, this is one sweet-sounding 125-watt (into 8 ohms) Class A monoblock that does not run hot due to two internally mounted heatsink “towers” cooled by ultra-low-noise fans. It utilizes separate power transformers, energy supplies, and voltage regulators for the amplifier, driver, and output stages. The DSA Amp 1 definitely lived up to its name by making explosive dynamics with no any clipping and was an excellent all-around performer.

Esoteric F-05 integrated amplifier

Esoteric’s F-05 is derived from its Grandioso separates and is a comprehensive dual-mono design and style with a rated output of 120Wpc into eight ohms. Retailing for $ 10,000, or $ 11,500 with DAC option, this integrated created outstanding clarity, power, and manage driving Canton floorstanding speakers (the ideal I’ve heard them sound).

Micromega M-1 one hundred super integrated

The one hundred model ($ 4000 common finish) of Micromega’s M-1 series is in production and was creating gorgeous sound with Focal Sopra II speakers sitting atop isoAcoustics Gala 1 isolators and connected by Crystal Cable Micro-Cable. It is a Class AB style making 100Wpc, and features a mc/mm phono section, as properly as a dual-differential DAC. Of special note is that it will accept M.A.R.S. (Micromega Acoustic Space Program) area correction modules. This technique was one particular of the greatest values at RMAF, as properly as one of the most desirable.

Rogers High Fidelity 34S-1 integrated amplifier

The Rogers Higher Fidelity 34S-1, an eight-tube (EL34), Class A, 100Wpc tube unit ($ 19,900), made beautiful timbre with fine detail. The sound was particularly palpable and seductive on female voices. It gives a nifty application for Apple and Android devices to control functionality and monitor tube status remotely.

VAC Renaissance Mk V preamplifier

The Mk V of the VAC Renaissance series preamp ($ 9900 for linestage) is now shipping and attributes the exact same circuit topology from the VAC Statement and the same components grade as the Signature, according to designer Kevin Hayes. Like its predecessor, it consists of balanced inputs and output, an external energy supply, Class A triode circuitry, and an optional mm/mc phonostage ($ 2500) with variable loading. It was on passive show.

Voss Audio Auquus UltraClass A/B ST Reference amplifier

This unique, no-compromise, 150Wpc really high-bandwidth amplifier ($ 54,000) functions proprietary UltraClass A/B technologies and aerospace-grade circuit boards within a chassis of solid copper plate and carbon fiber. Even the transformer is cryogenically treated. Driving the Acoustic Zen Crescendo II speakers, with a Voss Auquus Reference linestage and Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse CD player, the sound was wonderfully transparent and quick. This is a quite promising amplifier!  

In Other Electronics News

The Jeff Rowland Group introduced a new PSU ($ 8200 much less trade-in) that functions with its Aeris DAC and Corus preamplifier. It includes 24 super caps. Rowland was also showing its super integrated, the Daemon ($ 39,000), which is now in production. It is fairly gorgeous as well as really powerful (1500Wpc). Mark Levinson featured its new 526S Class A, dual mono preamp with an integrated DAC ($ 16k to $ 20k).

Auspicious Debuts: Analog

Zesto Audio Téssera phonostage

Ever since I heard Zesto Audio’s beautiful Andros 1.two phonostage in a very musical system in Munich, I’ve had my eye on it. But Zesto has out-accomplished itself by introducing an even much better phonostage, the Téssera ($ 12,000). It functions two entirely independent dual mono channels. Each and every channel has its personal front-panel moving-coil and moving-magnet impedance and gain switches, and functions all-analog tube circuitry with no solid-state devices in the signal path. Coupled with Zesto Leto 1.five and Eros 300 electronics and a Merrill-Williams Genuine 101.two turntable with two Tri-Planar U2 tonearms with a Benz Micro Gullwing SLR moving-coil and an Ortofon Cadenza mono cartridge, driving Marten Django L speakers with WyWires cables and energy items, the sound was stunningly quiet with extended highs, and all-natural timbre. I thought I was listening to master-tapes! One particular of the greatest sounds of the show!

VTL TP-six.five Signature phonostage

The TP-6.5 ($ 15,000) sports an integrated Lundahl silver wire moving-coil step-up transformer to manage low-output moving-coils. The sound was very quiet and transparent mated with the Brinkmann Spyder turntable and a Lyra Etna SL cartridge. On a recording featuring the brilliant Russian pianist Grigory Sokolov, the piano was reproduced brilliantly and seemed to emerge from an completely black background. It was paired with VTL electronics (TL-6.five Series II linestage and S-400 Series II amplifier), Nordost Odin two cables, and the new Wilson Audio Yvette loudspeakers to create 1 of the greatest sounds of the show.

AMG 12JT Turbo tonearm and DS Audio DS Master 1 optical cartridge

This new AMG 12JT Turbo ’arm ($ 8500) utilizes a new larger bearing assembly featuring dual micro-ball-bearing assemblies for enhanced stability and lowered friction. It also uses calibrated, locking thumbscrews for added rigidity and precise adjustment. The new DS Master 1 optical cartridge ($ 22,500) makes use of a newly created generator and a sapphire cantilever. The dual mono phono equalizer sports 3 sets of RCA and XLR outputs and each and every channel has a dedicated power supply with a third powering the optical circuit. Mounted on an AMG V12 Turbo turntable—one of two different analog front ends to the Vandersteen M7-HPA amps and Model Seven MkII speakers and SUB NINE subs—the sound with Audio Study electronics (Ref three phonostage and Ref 6 linestage) was really transparent, dynamic, and present, with extension at both frequency extremes. The method really seemed to gel on the final day of the show (that is a quite frequent occurrence), as it provided a very strong and extended foundation to the music.

Clearaudio Efficiency DC Wood turntable and Musical Surroundings SuperNova III phonostage

This new Clearaudio Functionality DC Wood turntable ($ 4600 with Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm) is the subsequent model up from the Functionality DC, and utilizes technologies from the company’s Ovation and Innovation series turntables. It was mated with a Hana SL moving-coil cartridge and the new Musical Surroundings SuperNova III dual-mono phonostage ($ 3500) which gives common RIAA, Columbia, and Decca equalization curves, and a bank of power provide capacitors to eradicate any sonic signature from its rechargeable NiMH battery packs. As an analog front finish to the Vandersteen M7-HPA amps and Model Seven MkII speakers and SUB NINE sub, this combo was really quiet and permitted lots of fine detail to emerge.

United Property Audio Phase 12-OPS-DC reel-to-reel deck

Greg Beron continues to eek more overall performance out of his globe-class United House Audio Phase 12 deck. This new version operates one hundred% on DC current supplied via its outboard energy provide with two toroidal transformers. It is said to offer the purest power delivery to the deck’s head amps and will retail for $ 19,000 (plus $ six,000 for the external OPS-DC unit). Combined with Atma-sphere electronics, Classic Audio T-three.four loudspeakers, and Purist Audio’s new Neptune Series cables, the method created totally effortless and spectacular dynamics and was a contender for Greatest Sound at RMAF.

In Other Analog News

Acoustic Signature introduced an updated Mk2 model of its Ascona turntable ($ 33,999). “Everything is new, except the name is the same,” mentioned designer Gunther Frohnhoefer. Mated with VAC electronics and Harbeth 40.two speakers, the sound was one of the ideal at the show. Bryston’s new BLP-1 belt-drive turntable ($ 3995) was on static show. The value involves a tonearm and a custom Bryston power supply for precise speed stability. Elac showed a preproduction version of its Miracord 90 turntable ($ 2500 with ’arm and an Audio Technica moving-magnet cartridge). VPI introduced a new Analog Drive Technique ($ 900) with a Class AB amplifier as the drive for the motor. The System helped the VPI ’tables make superb speed stability in several rooms. Technics introduced the regular model of its direct-drive turntable, the Grand Class SL-1200G. It replaces the sold-out Specific Edition of the ’table and is basically the identical, except for its isolation feet and nameplate. Zanden, identified for its outstanding electronics, introduced the TPM-1, a two-layer, gel-and-rubber turntable platter mat, and the ZVA-1 vibration absorber that uses related damping components.

Cable and Power Solution Premiers 

Skogrand “Vivaldi” cables

Skogrand has brought a lot of the technologies and efficiency of its flagship Beethoven cables to a far more inexpensive price tag-point ($ 650, two-meter interconnect $ 750, two-meter speaker cable). Like its elder sibling, the Vivaldi makes use of solid core copper and an air dielectric.

Nordost Tyr 2 USB 2. interconnect

This new USB two. interconnect ($ 1300/per meter) is optimized for computer audio and higher-resolution downloads. Its style is stated to lessen cross-speak, decrease noise, and safeguard the USB signal path from any external interference. Nordost also debuted its new Sort Lift ($ 600 for a set of two) that not only elevates audio cables from the floor, but also incorporates Nordost’s proprietary Floating Spring Style, assisting to minimize the make contact with the cables have with the lift.

Cardas Clear Beyond interconnect

Cardas’ new flagship cable ($ 3750 for a 1-meter pair) was discreetly doing its job in several of the greater-sounding systems at RMAF. Designed by George Cardas, it attributes “ultra-pure, Cardas Grade 1 copper, matched propagation Litz conductors, sophisticated shielding, and air tube suspension.” Cardas also introduced an upgrade cable (cost TBD) for in-ear monitors that use MMCX or two-pin connectors. It also makes use of ultra-pure Cardas copper, is quite light and flexible, and is very durable.

Morrow Audio 10-Year-Anniversary cables

Morrow Audio premiered its top-of-the-line ten-Year-Anniversary cables ($ 9995 for a 2-meter pair of speaker cables), which provide functionality above Morrow’s Elite line of cables due to the wonderful boost in wire count more than the Elite, in addition to a cloth insulation material to lessen dielectric reflection distortions.

AudioQuest Niagara 5000 power conditoner

I’ve written about AudioQuest’s Niagara series energy conditioners in many previous show reports, but this is the initial time I’ve seen the Niagara 5000 ($ 3995). Occupying the middle position in the line, it gives “90% of the functionality of the 7000 at half the price,” according to designer Garth Powell. It does not have the 7000’s beefy isolation transformers, but it is still a 20-amp unit and “looks the same as the 7000 to amps,” according to Garth.

Purist Audio Neptune speaker cables

The newest addition to Purist’s Luminist revision series, the Neptune is the company’s flagship fluid-shielded cable. Fine, single crystal copper strands in a 7 AWG bundle comprise the cable’s core. An individual constructive cable and negative cable are employed for each and every channel to support keep flexibility and improve overall performance. These wires come normal with Purist’s new interchangeable spade/banana connectors. Mated with Classic Audio’s T-3.four speakers, Atma-Sphere electronics, a Kuzma Reference ’table with Tri-Planar ’arm and van den Hul Crimson Stradivarius cartridge, as effectively as United House Audio’s outstanding Phase 12 OPS-DC tape deck, the soundstage was wide and deep, the dynamics have been explosive, and the overall sound was effortless.

In Other News: Cables and Energy Merchandise

EnKlein displayed its new entry-level cable, the Zephyr II ($ 1795) which has scaled-down shielding from its flagship David interconnect. Kimber Kable introduced a new silver headphone cable ($ 2000) featuring a special balanced connector. Coupled with Sony’s new headphone and electronics, it sounded fairly impressive.

Jim Hannon’s Best of Show

Very best Sound (Expense No Object)

Tie: The Wilson Audio Yvette getting driven by VTL electronics (TP-6.5 phono, TL-6.5 Series II linestage, and S-400 Series II stereo amplifier) and Brinkmann Spyder turntable program with Lyra Etna SL cartridge, dCS Rossini player and clock and Nordost Odin 2 cables. This technique reproduced piano recordings exceedingly well and continues Wilson’s welcome move to a far more harmonically rich, but nevertheless detailed sound. Also, the Vivid Audio Giya G3 speakers, driven by Luxman electronics (EQ-500, C-900u, and M-900u) with a TechDas Air Force III turntable and cartridge with Graham Phantom Elite ’arm, and a Shunyata Research Denali energy conditioner with Magnan cables developed a enormous soundstage with relaxed and detailed sound and explosive dynamics in the Kyomi/On a Higher Note room. It’s the very best I’ve heard the Giya sound.

Very best Sound (For the Income)

Although this system’s all round price is not low-cost, the Marten Django L speakers ($ 9000/pair) sounded surprisingly very good when mated with the Merrill-Williams Genuine 101.two ’table, two Tri-Planar U2 ’arms, Benz Micro Gullwing SLR and Ortofon Cadenza Mono cartridges, Zesto electronics (Andros Téssera phonostage, Leto 1.five preamp, and Eros 300 monoblocks) and WyWire cables. It place a lot of far more high-priced systems to shame.

Most Substantial Trend

Surprisingly good-sounding “simple systems” featuring integrated amplifiers with streaming DACs with just a pair of speakers (and cables), ranging from the NAD Classic C-368/PSB setup to the Rowland Daemon/Joseph Audio Profile, Micromega One/Focal Sopra II, Bel Canto ACI 600/Verity Parsifal Anniversary, Aavik U-300/Raidho D4.1 combos, and other people.

Most Coveted Product

The Zesto Audio Andros Téssera phonostage brings the sound of a master-tape to vinyl playback. Of course, I’d also love to own the Raidho four.1 speakers, but the space at RMAF was as well small for them to totally showcase their incredible capabilities.

The Absolute Sound Articles

Basis Audio Founder A.J. Conti: 1957–2016

All of us at The Absolute Sound were shocked and saddened to find out that Basis Audio founder Armando (A.J.) Conti died abruptly final Saturday from a heart attack. He was 59. He is survived by his wife Jolanda, two daughters, one particular son, 3 siblings, and other extended family members.

It’s a terrible loss for me personally as well as for Basis clients and the entire industry. I’ve utilised Basis turntables for the past 12 years, and have constantly deemed A.J. the exemplar of every thing that is great about high-finish audio. He combined severe engineering chops, an inquisitive thoughts, fantastic listening abilities, and above all, an unbridled passion for improving the good quality of LP playback. Conti has made an enormous contribution more than the past 30 years to turntable and tonearm style. He eschewed bling and advertising and marketing hype in favor of investigation, physics, and precision engineering.

I’ll share with you a couple of stories that will give you an notion of Conti’s fanatical dedication to his craft. Basis at one time outsourced its turntables’ rubber drive belts to a firm that specialized in such goods. Right after Conti discovered that even tiny variations in belt thickness degraded the sound, and the belt company refused to make belts to such an unattainable (in its view) regular, Conti bought the machinery to make the belts himself and began producing them in-house. Not only that, but he personally measured each belt’s thickness along its whole length just before it was packed with a turntable. If you personal a Basis turntable, each and every millimeter of its drive belt passed by means of Conti’s hands.

Just three weeks ago, A.J. called me to share his realization of a long-held dream—to develop an LP playback technique that was virtually transparent to the analog mastertape used to reduce the LP. Conti had invested in two expert-grade two-track analog tape machines, had the electronics modified, and gained access to second-generation tapes recently recorded by audiophile labels. He could thus evaluate the tape playback against the LP reproduction. His goal was, as he called it, “The Truth.” That is, the LP playback system’s objective was to transparently convey exactly what was on the record with no editorializing. He excitedly told me about how surprised he was that his most recent LP playback technique was far closer to the sound of mastertape than he ever believed he would accomplish. Even right after a lot more than 30 years of designing turntables, his enthusiasm and passion never ever flagged.

A.J. Conti was a giant of the business, a man of wonderful integrity, and a buddy. He will be missed.

After finding out the news of A.J.’s passing, his brother, Anthony, referred to as me to say that Basis Audio would continue. Below is a statement from the business.

Statement from Basis Audio
It is with deepest regret that we inform the audio neighborhood of Armando (AJ) Conti’s unexpected passing. AJ’s lifelong passion was designing and manufacturing precision audio merchandise in pursuit of “The Truth,” as he known as it, for the most precise sound reproduction.

We first want the industry to know that AJ has left Basis on extremely sturdy economic ground as confirmed by the company’s CPA. We are deeply grateful to Basis’ lengthy-term personnel, both present and previous, who are committed to the company’s continued achievement. As many of you know, Basis is an industry major organization, but also a close ‘family.’

There will be tiny to no delay in fulfilling all of the company’s obligations to clients, suppliers, and business partners, although there could be some interruptions over the subsequent few weeks. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Basis senior management for any pressing matters, especially, Jolanta Conti, AJ’s wife, and Anthony Conti, AJ’s brother, at Basis. They will be assisted by AJ’s longtime engineering colleague, Jim McAndrew, who has deep expertise of Basis technologies and items.

Jolanta’s skilled encounter involves practicing commercial and corporate law for 10 years in each the United Kingdom and Australia. Jolanta has knowledge in complex commercial matters such as contract negotiations, organization improvement, and patent and intellectual property. Jolanta has worked with international companies such as Morgan Stanley, Shell, BP, BHP, and several others. Prior to meeting AJ, she was meticulously evaluated and chosen to be Bristol-Myers Squibb’s lead lawyer for all of Eastern Europe.

Anthony, like AJ, is an engineer educated at both Georgia Tech and Northeastern University. He has extensive expertise managing and scaling technologies companies for over 30 years. Anthony’s knowledge has included Managing Director of European Operations primarily based in London, England, and senior executive positions in Toronto, New York, Atlanta, and Boston, exactly where he now resides.

We are excited to continue AJ’s pursuit of the most ‘truthful’ and accurate sound reproduction, extreme precision, and uncompromising commitment to quality in all Basis merchandise.

Further, AJ has a number of goods in the company’s pipeline that are prepared for release. All style, testing, and prototyping perform is finished with completed units and parts currently in inventory.

We are so grateful to the a lot of market close friends who have already reached out to Basis and the management team to help the firm and its continued accomplishment. Please refer to http://www.davisfuneralhomenh.com/book-of-memories/2724856/Conti-Armando/obituary.php for particulars about funeral arrangements. 

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Astell&Kern Adds New Characteristics To Latest Line Of Transportable High-Resolution Audio Players

The following is a press release issued by Astell&ampKern.

October 13, 2016 | Irvine, CA – Astell&ampKern, the worldwide leader in high resolution portable and house audio playback devices, will add new features for the AK70, AK300, AK320 and AK380 transportable higher-resolution audio players this week with a firmware update starting Thursday, October 13.

The new features being added to players consist of:

One particular of the most requested characteristics from Astell&ampKern customers, assistance for TIDAL will make its debut on Astell&ampKern’s complete line of transportable high-resolution audio players.

TIDAL is a international, experiential, entertainment platform built for fans, straight from artists around the planet. TIDAL members get pleasure from exclusively curated content that?directly connect artists with their fans in numerous methods. The service offers higher-fidelity, CD sound top quality music, high resolution video, an chance to discover new artists, and distinctive experiences through TIDAL X. TIDAL is obtainable in more than 52 nations, with a lot more than a 42.5 million song catalog and 140,000 high high quality videos.  For much more data, please go to www.tidal.com.

TIDAL assistance will be added 1st to the AK70 and AK300 Series players this week and will roll out to the AK240, AK100 II and AK120 II Wi-Fi enabled players soon soon after.

aptXHD Help
This week’s firmware update for the AK70 and AK300 series players will add help for Qualcomm®’s aptX™ HD protocol. 

aptX™ HD supports streaming of 24-bit/48 kHz higher-resolution audio more than Bluetooth.  Astell&ampKern is the 1st portable high-resolution audio player manufacturer to feature help for higher-resolution audio streaming by way of Bluetooth.

When paired with devices supporting aptX™ HD, such as the Astell&ampKern XB10 Bluetooth DAC ($ 189), users can now playback high-resolution audio wirelessly from their players to headphones or speakers without being physically tethered to their player. 

New AK Recorder Characteristics
A well-known use for the Astell&ampKern AK Recorder module is to digitize vinyl so customers can listen to their collections on an AK300 series portable player on the go.

With the most recent firmware update for the AK300 series players, the AK Recorder now features a new LP Recording function that will separate songs recorded from vinyl into person tracks and then add complete album details and artwork through Gracenote lookup.  Now it is even easier for you to take your whole music collection with you, anywhere in the planet.

To see the LP Recording feature in action, please view the video here – https://youtu.be/8DWFn_bbhw4

The new firmware for the Astell&ampKern AK70, AK300, AK320 and AK380 higher-resolution audio players will be available starting October 13 and can be downloaded by enabling Wi-Fi on the players.  Once the update is ready to be downloaded, the player will notify the user a new update is obtainable.  Right after clicking ok, the firmware will be downloaded and installed automatically.

 Astell&ampKern goods can be purchased on-line straight at us.astellnkern.com and are identified at higher-end audio retailers about the world.

About Astell&ampKern
Astell&ampKern is the audiophile high-finish brand from IRIVER and was launched in October 2012. Included in the existing item range are high-resolution audio players such as the AK Jr, AK70, AK100 II, AK120 II, AK240, AK300, AK320 and AK380, which can play back higher-resolution music signals up to 32 Bit/384 kHz. With Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) and audio formats such as DSD, Astell&ampKern players provide the highest sound standards. Astell&ampKern’s lineup also consists of accessories such as a complete line of In-Ear monitors and headphones, Astell&ampKern transportable player docking stations, Bluetooth remote controls and property audio goods such as the 500N Network Music Server and AK T1 all-in-a single sound technique.

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The 40 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio

Entry Level

AudioQuest DragonFly Black &amp Red DAC, $ 99/$ 199
Elac Debut B5 and Elac Debut F5 loudspeakers, $ 229/$ 560
Rega RP1 turntable, $ 445
NAD D 3020 integrated amplifier, $ 499
Audio by Van Alstine Vision phonostage, $ 499
Magnepan MMG loudspeaker, $ 599
NuPrime IDA-eight integrated/DAC, $ 995

A Step Up

HiFiMan HE400S planar-magnetic headphones, $ 299
Onkyo DP-X1 portable player with MQA, $ 799
Odyssey Khartago stereo power amplifier, $ 995
REL T/7i subwoofer, $ 999
PSB Picture X2T loudspeaker, $ 1298
Magnepan .7 loudspeaker, $ 1395
Merrill-Williams GEM Dandy PolyTable turntable, $ 1495
KEF LS50 loudspeaker, $ 1499
Exposure 3010S2D integrated amplifier, $ 2795


Oppo PM-1 planar-magnetic headphones, $ 1099
JL Audio e110/e112 subwoofers, $ 1500/$ 1900
GoldenEar Triton 5 loudspeaker, $ 1999
Audio Alchemy DDP-1 preamp and DAC/DPA-1 energy amplifier, $ 1995/$ 1995
Mytek Digital Brooklyn DAC, $ 2000
Parasound Halo integrated amplifier, $ 2495
Aurender N100H music server, $ 2695
Joseph Audio Prism loudspeaker, $ 3699

Upper Finish

Audeze LCD-X planar-magnetic headphones, $ 1699
Air Tight Pc-7 phono cartridge, $ 2500
Acoustic Signature Challenger III turntable, $ 4495
Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 2, $ 4995
Hegel H360 integrated amplifier, $ 5700
Vandersteen Treo CT loudspeaker, $ 7990
Wilson Audio Sabrina loudspeaker, $ 15,900
Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1 Pro active horn loudspeaker, $ 21,000

Ultra Higher End

Ortofon MC A95 phono cartridge, $ 6499
Constellation Inspiration Series electronics, $ 11,000 each
JL Audio Gotham subwoofer, $ 12,000
T+A PA 3000 HV integrated amplifier and PDP 3000 HV music player $ 17,000/$ 22,500
AMG Viella 12 record player, $ 17,500
Berkeley Audio Alpha Reference DAC Series 2, $ 19,500
MartinLogan CLX Art loudspeaker, $ 25,495
Magico S7 loudspeaker, $ 58,000

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