I have one large problem with pleat guidelines in sewing patterns. They instruct you to construct pleats from the proper side of the fabric, but we generally mark crease lines on the wrong side of fabric.

That is a recipe for inaccuracy.

But there is an option and I’m here to share it!

Mark crease lines in chalk on the incorrect side of the fabric. Then thread trace the lines, ideally in a silk thread. (Silk thread is super slippery, which tends to make it significantly simpler to remove the basting.)


Pleats are normally marked with a row of modest dots that is brought together to meet a row of large dots. Replicate this distinction by utilizing distinct coloured threads for each set of dots. Yellow thread for small dots pink thread for massive dots.


Flip your function over to the correct side. See how easy it is to see the pleat lines? Now, you can press them into location from the appropriate side, as instructed, and machine baste. You’ll have perfect pleats set in spot for the rest of your project construction.



I promise this makes life less complicated!

Did You Make That?