To date, I’ve had practically 600 responses to my #2017makenine survey (thank you!). The most popular items are:

  • Dress – 37.ten%
  • Jeans – 32.38%
  • Prime – 31.87%
  • Trousers – 23.78%
  • Knitwear – 23.27%
  • Skirts – 18.72%

Dresses were in the lead, which tends to make me believe I’d like to add two dresses to my #2017makenine pledge. I’m also glad to be reminded how important jeans are as I’d like to sew a second pair of Ginger jeans, getting lately re-discovered my very first pair.


So, that is two dress patterns, one particular jeans pattern… I have my thoughts about tops. But due to the fact I paid for a month’s access to this survey service, and since it is entertaining to drill down, here’s a slightly far more detailed questionnaire, asking for your favourite dresses, tops and skirts. This weekend, I hope to tip out my pattern stash and filter. Thanks once more for your aid.

Lastly, a note on capsule wardrobes. A lot more than a few blog readers seemed dismayed that I was going anyplace close to a capsule wardrobe, believing that this would drain all the fun and spontaneity out of my sewing. Interesting!

What is it that divides us right here? The phrase ‘capsule wardrobe’, bringing to mind some utilitarian corporate dream? A perceived division among order and creativity? Or did I just pick the incorrect phrasing, when what I really want is a exciting, modern wardrobe that coordinates and suits my life?

Answers on a postcard!

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