Starting with… how several quilts did some folks make?ct-stacy-iest-hsu-quilts

Folks.  The Moda Designers.  I asked them numerous questions – I’m a nosy sort.  I did it for you – I figured you’d be curious also.

This is what I asked – and no, they weren’t essential to answer all the questions:

  • How several quilts did you make in 2016?  (And if it was much more than 20, I anticipated affidavits verifying that their own fingers had stitched each and every single one particular.)
  • How numerous quilts did they make that had been not perform-connected – that were just for exciting?
  • Do they have any unfinished projects – WIPs, UFOs, PIGs, PIBs, etc.?  And do they feel they’ll ever finish them?
  • Did they learn a new sewing talent or method in 2016?
  • Is there a new ability or method they’d like to discover in 2017?
  • Do they do a year-finish/new-year clean-up or clear-out?  And if so, what do they do with what they’re clearing out?
  • And do they ever have a “word” for the year?  If so, what is their word for 2017?

Polly Minick was the first to reply due to the fact she had a really easy answer – No.

She does not make quilts – that’s her remarkable sister, Laurie.  But Polly hooked a entire bunch of rugs, developed a couple of fabric collections – Snowfall, Cottonworks and Grand Traverse Bay – and willed the University of Michigan football group to much more victories than have been anticipated.

And she completed this.


This is coming in April – Minick &amp Simpson – Blue &amp White.  I know I’m biased but I do not feel anybody does this classic color palette far better than Polly and Laurie do.

As for Laurie Simpson…

  • She didn’t count but she’s confident in saying ten quilts.  (I bet it’s more… or ought to count for a lot more because she produced a handful of that had been hand-pieced and/or hand-appliquéd.)
  • Laurie produced at least one that was just for exciting – and she has a couple of a lot more in the performs.  She does it for mental wellness causes – if she didn’t make factors just for herself, quilt-making would turn from something she loves into perform, and that wouldn’t be great.
  • Unfinished projects? Yes – four projects are in the functions and she does strategy on finishing them.  Having not too long ago moved into her studio, she did a “cleanse” and got rid of a handful of issues that she knew she’d in no way finished.
  • New skills?  Old dog, no new tricks.  That was Laurie’s reply.
  • Except… Laurie would like to find out darning – the creating do and visible repair that has been re-emerging the past couple of years.  She’s been intrigued by it for a handful of years.
  • Her word for 2017 is “stamina”.


This is the center of 1 of Laurie’s just-for-exciting project – the Rowdy Flats Library Quilt.

Shannon Gillman Orr.

  • Six quilts for her collection.
  • two pillows, 1 jumbo sewing kit bag, 2 Jedi costumes, 2 quilt tops and 2 sewing machine covers – just for exciting.  At least that is what she remembers.  (I’ve noticed her Instagram… I think she missed a handful of factors.)
  • She does have a number of UFOs and yes, she admits to providing up on a handful of of them.
  • She tackled English Paper Piecing this year and has began a Passacaglia quilt from Willyne Hammerstein’s Millefiori Quilts book and she’s completed three beautiful medallions – two of which are shown beneath.
  • Moving – from Arizona to the San Francisco Bay Region – and setting up a new studio took care of clearing out the projects she’d never ever finish and the fabric-stuff she’d never use.
  • Shannon constantly chooses a word and final year was “iterate”.  She hasn’t decided what her word for 2017 will be as it typically takes her many weeks into the new year to decide.


Jo Morton had a very prolific year and yes, she did supply affidavits.

  • She made 31 quilts.  But she wants it emphasized that most of them are tiny quilts.
  • She also “moved along” six extended-term projects – two of which are hand-pieced, yet another is appliquéing the handles for modest basket blocks.  She also has blocks from exchanges that require sewing.
  • As for UFOs and never finishing them… Jo was in a position to cease laughing long adequate to report that she has several she will finish and several that will be “moved along” to someone or someplace else.
  • Jo does a year-end clean-up and she donates what she’s clearing out to close friends, guilds, and so forth.
  • Jo’s word is “simplify” – take time to smell the roses.


Pat Sloan.  Twenty quilts?  In her sleep.

  • Pat completed at least 20 projects for books, magazines, mysteries, patterns, and so on.  Okay, perhaps not 20 quilts… she did pressure the “project” portion of that – they were pillows to bed-sized quilts.
  • As for “just for fun” projects, she began a few but didn’t finish something.  (But.)
  • Pat brought in a legal team to question the legality – and wisdom – of asking a designer about UFOs.  She’s certain she has more than the permitted limit and no, she will never ever finish some of them.  But she’s also hosted a number of UFO-busting weekends, anything that will certainly continue.
  • As for new expertise, Pat “attempted” English Paper Piecing this past year and she that outcomes had been “less than stellar”.  So for this coming year, her objective is to increase her EPP abilities.
  • Yes, she clears out her studio and offers it to quilters in her Friendship group who either use the products or take them to their guilds to spread the enjoy.


Kate Spain offered the funniest reply.

  • Whilst she developed several quilts this past year, Kate did not finish any herself.  The quilts showcasing her many beautiful collections have been pieced by other folks – her stunt-sewists.  And no, we don’t judge!  Simply because she created all sorts of wonderful artwork for a selection of other items.


Kate produced this rug.  Okay… possibly not but she did design it.  (And everyone in the office desires one.)

  • Any UFOs?  This is why I love Kate.  She admits to not having completed a Block of the Month she began in 2010.  It was produced with 1 of her fabric collections and she’s completed 3 blocks.  She noted that the same year, Bonnie Olaveson made at least seven of the same BOM quilt for members of her family.  Kate confesses that she possibly will not ever finish hers… not with out a Christmas miracle.
  • She did find out to make continuous Prairie Points making use of a single piece of fabric by means of YouTube.
  • Even though she doesn’t normally do a word of the year, she’s feeling like she may require to for 2017.  Her word would be “harmony”.  As she wrote, “I like the notion that harmony of all sorts is anything that can be seen, located and felt even in brief, isolated moments of everyday life.  I hope that by actively looking for those moments, I’ll be much more capable to discover them in areas that surprise me.”


Kate might not have made these quilts but she made the birds, birdhouses, eggs, hoops, leaves and the birdbath for her booth.  (That seals it – Kate ROCKS.)

Finally… Stacy Iest Hsu.  That’s her stack of quilts at the top.

  • Stacy had to go back and check a few times but she’s fairly sure she made fifteen – 15 – quilts this year.  Even even though she desires to make certain you know that some are little and some are beginner quilts, that’s a quite impressive tally for a relatively new quilter.
  • 1 of the quilts she made was for her new child niece – she created it utilizing her Lil’ Red collection.  That was “just for fun” but genuinely specific.
  • Fortunately for the rest of us, Stacy does have a few unfinished projects that she’s not confident she’ll ever finish because she’s not in really like with how they turned out.
  • New technique or talent?  Stacy wrote – “This year was a large understanding curve for me because I started learning how to make quilts.  I have learned a lot but my most current understanding knowledge was that I should trim my half-triangle squares to get them to all be the same size.  Now they fit completely.”


Excellent.  Farm Exciting – Stacy’s quilt.

  • For 2017, Stacy would like to add appliqué to her ability set so she can add it to her quilts.
  • The Makers Space at her children’s school benefited from a sewing space clean-up by obtaining a whole lot of scraps and some sewing supplies.  Now she’s seeking forward to seeing what the children develop.
  • “Keep going” is Stacy’s word for the year.  Her son has a drum teacher and for the duration of practice, if her son makes a mistake, the teacher will say “keep going”.  Stacy wrote that “it’s so true in the quilting and style world… when you get stuck or a block or row doesn’t perform, you frequently just want to stop and throw it in the trash.  But you have to preserve going simply because you never ever know what may come out of it.”

While I would love to maintain going, this is a ideal stopping point.  Yes, there are nevertheless many designers to get to but this is lengthy adequate for right now.


A single final image – this is anything Stacy is functioning on.  It far better not be a UFO because this really looks good so far.

Satisfied Wednesday!